Sur Pacífico was born in 1998 after the encounter of Marcos Ribas and Ismael Cortez at a Guitar Craft residential course at Quilpue city, Chile. After some months the rehearsals begun and the cellist player Paulette Joui joined to complete the first group line up.

They devoted to rehearse, compose, and arrange material which would be presented in different places from their local area and Santiago de Chile city, standing out from these performances the opening act for the “Gauchos Alemanes” performance at Valparaiso city at the end of 1999.

In search of experimenting and new sonority the guitarist Alan Reale and the tabla player and percussionist Juan Gronemeyer joins the group during 2000.

In 2002 Sur Pacífico records their first CD called “In the beginning”, which has received very good reviews at a national and international scale. One of the pieces from this CD has been included in the various artists compilation realised by Inner Knot label called “The Plague of Crafty Guitarists”.

In 2004 the group again experiences a change in its line up; this time going back to the original trio format. At present time its integrants are: Marcos Ribas (acoustic guitar), Carlos Cruz (bass) and Sebastián Pan (electric & acoustic guitars).

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