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Rael begins in 1985 when a group of friends meets to play the music they mostly like. The first official line up of the group included, Marcos Ribas (bass, bass pedals and guitars), Mario Perkins (guitars), Daniel Rawsi (drums), Ignacio Rodriguez (vocal), Francisco Perkins (keyboards) and Eugenio Solanet (keyboards).

The group commences to rehearse pieces of music from their preferred musicians, like; Pink Floyd, Marillion, King Crimson, Procol Harum, Genesis. They are invited to perform at parties and schools receiving very good comments from the public and in the near future from the local press.

Given the particular timbre similarity from Ignacio Rodriguez’s voice and Peter Gabriel’s, they decide to almost exclusively interpret Genesis pieces, especially those from the so called “first epoch”, this is, until 1976.

After the first years there are some changes in the line up, and the musician Horacio Pozzo goes to the keyboards.

The group had a vertiginous development and they went fast to perform in the most important theatres of Argentina’s main city, Buenos Aires, and also playing at the “Obras Sanitarias” stadium considered for many, the Mecca of Argentinean rock.

They recorded a CD with their own compositions, which was realized in 1992, and re-edited by Musea Records from France in 1997. This CD has received very good reviews internationally. In 1993 they were in charge of opening Steve Hackett’s and Rick Walkman’s presentations at Bs. As. city.
In that same year, they travel to Chile to give an unforgettable concert at Santiago de Chile, this being one of the last before the definitive dissolution.

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