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Marcos & Mario, at the "El Globo” theatre", Bs.As; performing with two beautiful "Alvarez" 12 string guitars (loaned); the beginnings.

Marcos, Nacho & Mario performing "Harlequin" at "El Globo" theatre, Bs.As, 1985; the group was germinating.

Rael at the "El Globo" theatre, a year later; the band was beginning to gather a big audience.

"Facultad de Ciencias Exactas" concert, Bs. As., 1988; Rael has developed in a tight and powerful band.

Sound check; "Coliseo" theatre.

"De la Cova" theatre, San Isidro, 1988; sold out.

Plenty Doc, "Coliseo" theatre; 1989.

The audience; "Pueyrredon" theatre from Flores, Bs.As. 1988.

Press Conference; San Isidro; 1988.

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